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Broken Box Ranch started as a purebred Hereford ranch in the early fifties. As the type of cattle changed in the late 50s to early 60s, it was obvious to my father and I that the Herefords were going in the wrong direction with the small-framed cattle. My first exposure to Charolais was in 1962 while taking a beef class at California State University, Chico. We decided to purchase a Charolais bull and cross with our purebred Herefords. The following calf crops increased our weaning weights 150+ lb and we were sold!!! We have always been proponents of Performance Testing – entering several different bull tests in the West throughout the years, as well as owning a bull-testing center.

IMG_3501We use certain protocols when selecting our herd bulls. First, and foremost , is ease of calving. New herd bulls are bred to our heifers. If there are any major calving difficulties, they don’t stay. Second is their offspring’s performance: weaning, yearling, and ultrasound data on rib eye, back fat, and marbling while maintaining a moderate frame size and proper structure.

GWM Texas Riviera is the type of bull that we are looking for. His offspring have moderate birth weights, moderate frame, with great feet and legs, and abundant thickness with lots of style. This full French bull is the outcross you really need to consider. Take a look at his calves in our tour photos, or come by and see for yourself.

Both bulls and females are available at the ranch throughout the year.